Qappi Miner - Earn crypto with a penny investment (~$1)

Qappi Miner - Earn crypto with a penny investment (~$1)

Just a week ago, the AlphaGuilty development team (a competitor to such quest platforms as Galxe and Zealy ) rolled out a beta test of Qappi Miner where we are given the opportunity to mine the $QAP token

How to mine?

Launch Qappi Miner.

You are greeted by the " Claim " button, which launches a rocket. It's very simple, the rocket has fuel, while there is fuel, the rocket flies and the process of mining mQAP is underway, as soon as the fuel runs out you need to click on "Claim ". In the Boosts tab, you can pump the mining speed and the size of the rocket tank, as well as the Turbo mode, which for a short time gives x2 to mining.

A small commission is charged for each Claim, so in the "Wallet" tab you will see your wallet address, which you need to replenish with MATIC tokens

I personally deposited 2 MATIC ($1.76 ) in 1 day and pumped all the boosts, the maximum boost level is 10 levels. Then I have to collect QAP coins once every 6 hours

Each exchange has its own minimum for transferring from an exchange to another wallet, I'll give you an example from Binance, here's a screenshot:

As you can see, the minimum withdrawal amount, i.e. transfer to your MetaMask, is 10 MATIC, which is approximately ~9 USD. If you are ready to deposit 9 USD into your MetaMask, it is quite profitable to do it through an exchange such as Binance. Later, with MetaMask, you top up your Qappi Miner with 2 MATICs (why 2, because most likely these coins will last you until the end of the project's mining, but it's not certain).




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