At the moment there is a promotion on monetisation connection instead of 1000 subscribers and 3000 hours of views we have introduced 10000000 views and 500 subscribers, but at the moment there is an application when you reach the mark on any imported video 100000 views and 200 subscribers, this promotion may last about a month, or more or less. If you buy pro membership for 3 months 10000 views on a video and 20 subscribers.
Yes you can by paying a minimum of 1 dollar per month. But as we have disabled uploading to the server video and left only import this function remains unavailable, but at the same time will disable annoying advertising on the site and connect earnings on the invitation system. and you can also connect analytics from google and it can also further accelerate the connection of monetization of your channel.
These problems may occur due to frequent site updates from your side and importing the same videos, the site's defense mechanism is triggered, so wait a while and continue working. Also, various browser extensions can affect the normal operation of the site.
At the moment we pay out in cryptocurrency lightcoin to reduce the withdrawal commission percentage.
The service does not distribute this information, but at the moment we are thinking about the issue to make a single rate for all geos, but this mechanism has not been implemented yet, so we are experimenting with it.
Yes you can post your articles on our site, which are well indexed by search engines. These articles are moderated and do not immediately appear on the site. However, the article must have a substantial nature of at least 1000 characters, well processed and not be plagiarized, also images and videos in the article except for the main image. which is uploaded to our site, should be inserted from other services that do not violate copyright. This measure is implemented to reduce the load on the site.
If you have connected monetization on youtube channel, tiktok, instagram and other services, as well as still connected monetization on our service, then we recommend placing imported to our site links in social networks for maximum quality and get double earnings and views of your views.
Until the moment of approval to connect monetization administration of the site can loyally treat such a method for earning points on the account, as for autosurfing. There are no restrictions on placing links to your videos in surfing at the moment, but the traffic received will be taken into account, which may negatively affect the recalculation of your points. Also remember that by placing links in autosurfing you worsen the quality of our service and this method can also be used to write off your points. Users who have received approval for monetization of their channel, may get a ban when placing links in autosurfing, or write off the funds on the account.
To place your advertisement on our site you must fund your balance in the form of cryptocurrency payment with details on the site in the wallet tab or alternative methods by contacting us in support. Also until the approval of monetization connection for your imported videos, you can view various videos, like, write comments and earn points, which will be converted into currency equivalent to dollars, after which you can order advertising on this site without investment, as this money can not be withdrawn.
Yes of course on this site you can in the create tab import videos from popular services. We have made a decision and cleaned the site from direct uploads to the site to avoid the load, now available only import videos and shorts to bring maximum profit for the promotion of your videos. In the future we may re-enable access to direct uploads of your videos, if it will be necessary for users of our site.
First of all, this site serves to raise the rating of your channels and videos from popular services such as YouTube, TikTok, Dailymotion, YouTube shorts, Instagram
Yes. There is monetization on our site, which is connected after certain conditions are met. Also, for each video view, like, comment, points are awarded, which are converted into money, which you can spend on advertising, which will be displayed on the site and when playing the video